Budget Training

Budget Training

The reality is that we get taught to do algebra at school, yet there was very little education on managing our finances.  Armani has put together a small training session that assists consumers in drawing up a budget that can be used monthly.  Training includes reasons why budgeting is so important and some simple tips on reducing monthly expenses.

Every staff member on your team could benefit from this basic budgeting course.

The most important financial goal in life is to spend less than we earn, this is why budget training is so important.  It helps us to get out of debt, save for emergencies and also stash away some cash for retirement.  This however is a very difficult goal to accomplish!  In cases it is lack of income that creates the financial strain but in most cases, the problem is overspending.

Employee Assistance Programmes

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee benefit program designed to resolve personal problems. The Program identifies and assists employees in resolving personal problems such as marital, FINANCIAL, emotional, family issues and substance / alcohol abuse, that may affect the employee’s performance in the workplace.  This can also have a very negative impact on the employee’s health, mental and emotional state.

An Employee Assistance Program generally offers free and confidential assessments and counselling to the employee and/or their family members.  Various support programs are available and employees should make use of this opportunity.

Armani is a partner to various corporate companies where our services, including debt counselling, is offered to employees as part of an EAP programme.  This could include having a consultant available on your premises at pre-determined times. 

This service is FREE to the employer as our fee is covered in the debt counselling process.