We are blessed to have been able to help so many.

Thank you so much for this update and assisting me with my debt through the past 3 years. I’ll definitely recommend your services to others.

I’d like to particularly thank Joyce for her great service from the beginning right to the end.


Thank you so much you guys are the best you really deserve a hello peter I have been struggling with this for so long many have tried to exploit me Armani group you don’t know how this will change my life I have to thank both you Micaela Coetzee and Thania Moswane as well for her contribution great job ladies

– Mphumzo

Iewers in jou lewe besef jy dat jy hulp nodig het. Ons wil egter ons eie potjie krap en
ons eie besluite neem, en dit is goed so, maar dan kom daar ‘n dag wat jy besef jy
het te hoog probeer vlieg, jy het te hard probeer om by die “Jones” by te hou. Dit is
die dag wat jy besef jy het hulp nodig. Skuld is ‘n lelike ding. Die Woord van God sê
nie verniet dat ons mekaar niks moet skuld nie, behalwe om mekaar lief te hê. Skuld
maak jou oud – veral as jy elke maand sukkel om dit te betaal en steeds ‘n
gemaklike lewe wil lei.

Die dag toe ons besef het dat ons nie meer kan nie, het ons die besluit gemaak om
net eers voelers uit te steek oor Debt Review. Deur ‘n vriendin het ons gehoor van
Armani en in die besonder van Tania Dekker.

Tydens haar besoek het sy ons laat voel – dit is OK! Julle is nie verloorders nie en
julle gaan hier deur kom. Armani Debt Review het nooit ons waarde as mens in
twyfel getrek en ons laat voel ons is mislukkings nie. Met die grootste respek is ons
altyd hanteer, beantwoord en bemoedig.

Ons is deurentyd op datum gehou met die proses en hulle bereidheid om te help het
dit maklik gemaak om vrae te vra as ons getwyfel het.

Deur die genade van Bo, is ons nou, afgesien van die huisverband, skuldvry. En
Armani het aan ons bewys dat dit moontlik is om skuldvry te leef.

Ons kan Armani Debt Review aanbeveel met groot vrymoedigheid.
Onthou skuldlas kom soos ‘n dief in die nag. As jy jou oë oopmaak is dit deel van
jou daaglikse bestaan. Dit hoef nie! Die vryheid wat ons nou ervaar nadat ons skuld
betaal is, is “priceless”

Sterkte vir almal wat deur die skuldlas gaan – gun jouself die vryheid. Laat Armani
Debt Review jou help om die vryheid te bereik. Hulle sal jou nie teleurstel nie.

– Jan en Jamy

Thank you to the Armani group for helping me become debt-free, you are a team of excellence and you are very much appreciated.

– Tiffany

I really want to thank you guys for the assistance in finally achieving my debt-free status.

It honestly is a relief and the best news I could ask to start 2024. 

– Nadia

Yes, yes, yes yesssssss. This was a long hard road that I struggled over 8 years. I gave up and could not handle the stress anymore. I lost a huge amount of money from another company….. I don’t want to go into that. 

Miceala, both Chantelle and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the unbelievable, amazing work that you have done. Your communication is unbelievable, it’s out of this world. I knew with your honest opinion and advise I can not go wrong. I don’t have words to say to you accept. You are a star and Armani Group must be proud of you. 

You will not believe it when I read this mail, it felt like 10 tons came off my shoulders. 

Once again thank you very much for the amazing work.

– Anton

If only you worked on our file from Day 1…

I had so many fights with DC in the beginning..
You guys from Armani are very professional and on the ball
Please tell Tania, Joyce and all the others … you deliver outstanding client service, to be proud of!

– Hannelie

Joyce, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and kindness from the first call I made to Armani. 

You have been supportive and understanding and have shown nothing but kindness and compassion. 

You are really a gem and the Armani Group is lucky to have you as an employee.

I will be leaving a review on your website and doing referrals as the service was unbelievable in today’s hard times.

– Debs

I would just like to thank you and your team for the support, guidance, and tolerance you all showed to me during this time, I could not have asked for better angels to help me with this and getting me to the finish line.

Tania, you always had my back and fought for me during my lowest moments when I felt that I was drowning and getting overwhelmed,  you gave me the support I desperately needed, without your strength and guidance I don’t think I would have made it, you always gave me hope and for this I am forever grateful.

I am going to miss having you in my monthly routine of outgoing emails.🥰

– Mandy M

Thank you so very much. It’s been quite a journey these past 7 years. I thank the Almighty for making it possible for me to see it through. Thank you to the Armani Group for journeying with me and for your efficiency whenever I made enquiries in seeking clarity.

May you go from strength to strength.

– Sharon

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s great how easy you’ve handled and managed something that become a nightmare due to retrenchment and health issues. I never have any problem at all contacting you during the past years.

Before you come to our rescue and support, we were facing significant challenges with especially “one bank who told us straight in the face it is your problem and not ours.”

This was having a huge negative effect on our day to day living and our whole household. Then we discovered you, Armani did not hesitate to assist and it was a matter of days everything were sorted and with a grateful heart we can look back today and say thank you to Tanya and her team.

Tanya a big thank you to you and your Armani team, they were immediately available and always helpful no matter what come our way, you sorted it out immediately.

As clients for a couple of years your team never hesitated to take control. We can with a grateful heart recommend Armani to anyone who is facing debt problems. Ours were due to retrenchment and a near death health issue, but you calmed us and took control of the situation.

Thank you, the experience was great, it become our shelter and rescue place. We would highly recommend Armani to anyone. They are the best.

– Joe

Thank you very much to everyone at Armani!!!!!
I wont forget your assistance this last 5 years 😊
I will definitely refer all who need help to you for assistance …

– Tania

Ons is baie dankbaar vir hierdie GOEIE nuus, jy was vir ons ‘n baie groot HULP.

Ek dank die HERE Jesus Christus vir jou en julle besigheid wat ons uit die gemors waarin ons was, gehelp het.

Sterkte met alles wat julle beplan met julle besigheid, om nog grooter en sterker te grooi, dankie vir julle geduld met ons.

– Arrie en Thea

In 2012 I hit dire straights and turned to debt counselling for help. It was a tough decision as the stigma of such a decision was heavy, but the weight of losing my home (because I couldn’t pay my bond fully) and being unable to keep a roof over my family was heavier. Tania and the team got all the creditors at bay, dealt with the people harassing us. Things got quiet and peaceful. I spent 6 years paying my monthly amount. My monthly debt payments were significantly less, but still high enough to make headway. Working with the team at Armani, I was able to settle around 16 accounts until my clearance certificate was issued. I stuck to the plan. I never missed a payment. I paid off all my debt. I now have a very good credit score and am able to buy property again, thanks to this successful journey. I am not drowning in debt and have extra cash to spoil my family and even save for the future. I learnt a lot along the way so I don’t make the same mistakes in life. And the stigma thing, it really isn’t a thing. It’s a lifeline when you need it most. 

Thank you Tania and Armani Group. My life has been transformed and I am living life in a more full way than ever before. It’s so good to be debt free.

– Mitch

You and your company have been amazing

It feels amazing…

– Claire P

I’d like to compliment Michelle for the phenomenal service she provides me with.

She has an exceptional talent in dealing with people and has been more than understanding and accommodating.  

I know our relationship didn’t start off well, due to all the confusion and disarray with Ryans finances. 

But, as time has gone by and I have realised that the fault was not Armani, and all the effort and time that was dedicated to sorting out Ryans portfolio was handled with the greatest professionalism and dedication.

Michelle’s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. 

 I have 100% faith in dealing with Michelle and having her deal with our portfolio and I would hands down say I have never been so impressed with customer service as what I have come to experience with Michelle. 

I would like to thank her for all she has done to assist us with her performance and service.  You are lucky to have such an exceptional assistant.

I look forward to continuing our working relationship and hope that she will be with us till the end.

– Jade

The God Whom I serve is always on time. I’m sitting on my bed watching TV, when this mail came through.  I cried.  Tears of gratitude.  Gratitude to the Lord, and a grateful heart to all you ladies.

Your swift handling of this matter is greatly appreciated.

Tania, your spontaneity is over and above your calling – your profession. You show such enthusiasm, no matter what the client  has issues with, you &  the folks there with you are really dedicated.  As a military veteran,  I like these attributes. 

I will leave you guys with this blessing.

‘ “The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make HIS face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” ‘

En so het die tyd aan gebreek om te groet. Dit was ‘n lang 5 jaar maar ons het dit gemaak.

Weereens baie dankie vir als wat julle vir ons gedoen het en bygestaan het.

Ek sal julle beslis aanbeveel indien iemand in dieselfde bootjie is waar ons was.

Blessings vir julle en julle goeie werk.

-Ronelle G

Don't let the stress of your debt overwhelm you.

debt stress




I would like to thank you so much for your excellent customer service, the way you handle customer queries is superb. I really appreciate it.

– Khanyisile

Thank you so very much Michelle, as I said in my previous email, I cannot begin to thank you enough, you have been amazing!

– Deirdre

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with a professional Debt restructuring company!

– Annie P

hellopeter Review – I am under debt review and every year I receive calls and messages with regards to my Standard Bank account which is very stressful. This year The Armani Group took over as my Debt Councillors, I received a call and a message from MBD on behalf of Standard bank once again, I contacted Michelle from Armani and my query was resolved immediately. No stress, I am so grateful. My previous debt councillor took ages to resolve this issue every year.

– Cookie N

Thank you so much to all of you for helping me through this process. I can just say this was very hard for me, but with you, on my side, it helps tremendously to keep going.

It’s so awesome to know, that after 6 years I’m at long last without any debt!!!!!

– Jolandi

I’m proud and very happy with the way you’re handling my things, tell all management that my family are proud of them…thanks for clearance.

– Sletsitsi

Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service.

– Phillip

Thank you kindly, Michelle and all the ladies that have been helping over all these years you’re service has been astounding

– Jacques

“Women, I don’t know what you do or how you do it, but you are flippen amazing!!!!! I have been battling all morning to get some sort of feed back or even someone who know what I am talking about @ STD bank.

Thank you so much for all your help.”

–Alta P

Good day, Michelle and all the ladies who have been there helping me over all these years and regarding that, it now seems I have paid up all my debts and I’m going to be debt-free is all because of all of you guys.

I don’t even know where to begin on how to thank you for everything. I have never had such good service in my life before and I thank you so much for everything.

I will await the paid-up letter from Wesbank and I am still waiting I believe paid-up statements from ABSA and I think Mr price I’m not sure…. It’s all of us now waiting for those people to do the paid-up statements that I really need so it can state that I have paid up all my accounts.

I’m not too stressed about those because I know that Armani will help as you always have done.

Thank you thank you thank you

– Jacques

I want to thank you and the other staff involved at Armani Group for the way in which you have been managing my account.
Your attitude, dedication and responsiveness are highly appreciated.
On the whole much appreciated and keep up the good work! ?

– Adam W

I would have liked to say I am forever indebted to you but that would defeat the purpose of your business. So I am rather saying I am forever grateful to you. The last 2 months during lockdown has been really tough financially but I suppose that’s nothing new to you. But I know that you are not just a business. You are people who also have personal issues just like me. That’s why I’m saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for relieving my stress. May God bless you and keep you healthy and safe!

– Zareena

Thank you so so much you guys have been the greatest people I’ve ever dealt with, what a pleasure it has been.

– Jacques

Your customer service and efficiency is something else!
You have been the most helpful person that I have engaged in a long time.
Thank you so much for ALL your efforts and willingness to help.
Thanks, Micaela – you’re a STAR!

– Lethu

Met groot respek, waardeuring en liefde, wil ek en Thea vir julle se, baie dankie vir julle behulpsaamheid en getrouheid om ons op datum te hou.

– Arrie & Thea

Baie dankie vir al julle hulp oor die jare dit was great om met julle te werk.

– Leon en Elaine

Thank you so much!
After 16 months you have done what I thought was impossible and had just about given up!!
Your service has been nothing but outstanding! Thank you!

– Simon

WOW, thank you so much.

I just want to applaud you on your outstanding work and always going the extra mile for me, I am so grateful knowing I am in good hands and have peace of mind.

Fantastic customer service, well recommended.

– Deborah

Thank you again Ma’am for all the assistance from you and your team! You guys are really great.

– Jaco

I cannot tell you what a relief and an experience this has been.

Going into debt, losing parents, having 2 kids, all while being under debt review! But the time is done and dusted now and here’s to the future for each and every person out there, may god continue to bless us all 😊

Thank you to you and your team for all the assistance over the years!

– Thirusha

Tania, what a lovely surprise , I have been in Kevin’s position and felt the spiralling effect of despair as things got worse and could not see any way out .
My embarrassment at getting into that position was my nemesis and asking for help was far from my mind then ……after seeking help and finding that I had Jason in my corner kicking Corporate’s butt for me I vowed NEVER to be in that position again …….the OLD rule of CASH IS KING must prevail at all times …………..Credit cards, loans and some debt have their place in life but must always carefully monitored and honoured .
I recommended Jason to my old friend of 45 yrs ….Kevin, who is happy with the service .
He can now concentrate on helping his wife Val , who has a very bad heart condition , and allow you guys to do the rest .
Thank you for being Kevin s parachute , during his tough time ……much like your practise was with Jason in my corner those few years back!!
Thank you for my wonderful surprise gift and should the need arise from other clients and friends you shall be hearing from me.

In the interim please stay safe and secure.

– Mike

Thank you so much for your e-mail, and for attending to my request.

You have provided an excellent service from the time you started dealing with my file. You are professional and polite and your company is lucky to have you.

I look forward to receiving my Hyphen statements from inception to current, for each of my 6 creditors.

– Anneline

Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate your efforts, my sister. I thank you for your patience and the way you have been handling our file it is remarkable.

May God bless you abundantly and keep on doing the excellent work also stay humble as you are. I am a happy debt-free person all because of your assistance.

– Puleng

I could not have done it without you guys.
Thank you for supporting me through this difficult journey. Your service was efficient and friendly.

I will definitely recommend your services.

– Yogan

When we all started I did not believe that I was going to finish it with you still next to me. It gives me great pleasure to hear that I have finally completed this difficult journey with you next to me. A journey where many lives along the way go back to their old habits due to its toughness at times.

Your staff members were very helpful in giving direction when I needed it the most, they were very helpful at giving me strength when I was losing energy to continue with my journey. All is now up to me to make the right decisions on how I handle my finances going forward.

Though I am unable to change the direction of the wind, I can now adjust my sails to always reach my destination.


– Dumisa G

“Julle Girls Rock”.

Debt Free Armani assisted me in becoming debt-free during the month of June 2018 (one year earlier than the original payment schedule) and I feel that I just have to provide positive feedback regarding the service received and interactions with Tania, Louise and staff at Debt Free Armani.

I was welcomed into the Armani Debt Free family on 17 March 2016, after Armani took over from my previous debt reviewer. This handover phase and a personal welcoming letter were so heart-warming that I actually kept the letter (see below).

During the debt review period, there were numerous occasions where I received incorrect correspondence or statements from creditors that caused lots of frustration and stress, e.g.:

  • A bondholder sent me a letter that they intend pulling out of the debt review process as they “never received the court order”. This was received late on a Friday afternoon and I was to catch a flight that same evening to New York for work. Knowing what the negative implications could be, I immediately contacted Tania (via Whatsapp nogal) who put me at ease and said that she will follow it up. Soon after I returned I received feedback that all is sorted and she also enforced the court order’s interest rate. Worthwhile to mention that the bondholder implemented the reduced interest rate from the date of receiving the court order and not from the actual court order date. With Armani Debt Free’s intervention, the result was that my outstanding amount on the bond was immediately reduced by R 41 000.
  • Other examples include incorrect statements from creditors, which were immediately challenged and corrected with Armani’s assistance.
  • A dispute was declared with a cell phone service provider, as a specific payment did not reflect on their statement after a takeover event. Whilst the dispute was ongoing, the service provider blacklisted me at credit bureaus. Note that this event fell outside the scope of service to be provided by Armani and yet Tania still assisted with the clearance once the dispute was resolved.
    Many other examples of excellent service provided by Armani can be mentioned, however, what stands out for me is that queries were usually responded to the same day, but always within 24 hours.

Lastly, I feel that I have a message for other persons presently under debt review and that is to always feel comfortable in contacting Tania and her team on any issue of concern. Don’t procrastinate in contacting the Armani Group when receiving an unwelcome letter from a creditor or incorrect statements. Stick to the debt review payment plan and always keep in mind that the outstanding debt is still your responsibility. Keep to the repayment schedule and before you realise it, you are out of debt.

With Armani’s assistance, my debt was paid up last month, one year earlier than anticipated. I can now look forward to a debt-free, as well as stress-free financial future and lessons learned during this process is that I am much more disciplined and cautious when making financial decisions.

Thank you once again to Tania and her team. I can now confidently say that with Armani’s help, there is life after DEBT !


Thank you very much for having me as a “passenger” and caring for me. I never thought I’d see the end and I’m a new person again.

– F.M.

Drie jaar gelede was ek totaal en al ten gronde met ñ skuldlys wat ek gladnie kon hanteer nie en het ek in ñ gat van depressie verval en selfmoord oorweeg. Ek het deur die plaaslike koerant geblaai en ñ advertensie van Armani Debt Councillors gesien wat sé “Debt free with Armani”. Ek het besluit om hulle te bel en te hoor wat hulle doen aangesien ek desperaat was. Daardie oproep het my hele lewe verander. Hulle het ñ maandelikse paaiement vir my uitgewerk wat my sak kon pas en ek het nooit weer terug gekyk nie. Kortliks kan ek sé ek is vandag Debt Free en baie gelukkig, danksy al die ondersteuning van die personeel van Armani Debt Councilling. Ek sal julle ewig dankbaar wees!

– D.V.

It was difficult in between a divorce and trying to raise two small boys on your own, worrying every end of the month how or what will be paid as your salary is only so much and there is Debt to be covered and you still have to live every day. I got Tania Dekker’s number from social media or a family or friend and I contacted her and explained my situation, they immediately started to process in 2010/11 and they handled all the debtors and court and documents, send me a schedule for the payment and how I will be affected every year until I was debt-free.

What felt like an eternity is gone, and I am debt free and it is one amazing feeling and to now know that debt can be a nightmare but with Armani, you will have peace of mind. They are most helpful and efficient and always willing to help and assist.

– Yvonne

Ek wil net vir jou se dat ek ewig dankbaar is dat ek Jou ontmoet het by BNI. Jy het My Suster en My gehelp.

Jy sal seker nooit die waarde besef wat jy beteken in mense se lewens nie. (Keep up the Good Work)

Bloot die feit dat my suster nie meer stress het oor mense wat haar bel vir geld nie. Kan sy nou focus op haar werk en dit geniet.

Is die stress op my baie ligter. (Ek sal jou ewig dankbaar wees). Hou altyd aan om n verskil in mense se lewens te maak.

Julle besigheid sal groei tot groot hoogtes. Ek sal altyd my ore oophou om jul besigheids te bemark.

– Mrs M M

I just want to thank Tania Dekker from Armani Group for her help during my struggle while I was under debt review. I was I would just like to Thank You and The Armani Group for all your help and patience I really appreciate everything. I received my clearance letter and I forwarded everything through to TransUnion for them to update my ITC record, I am so relieved.


– Jenna

I received not only the best but also the most efficient service from Tania at Armani. She went over and beyond what was expected to assist me in resolving my debt review and because of her I am now debt free and most grateful.

– Sanet

Wow! Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues and friends if they ever need help.

You have just been fantastic with the quick and proficient assistance you provided.

I can’t thank you enough.

– Karin

I am so grateful.. May you continue to help people the same way you have helped me.

May God bless you and your work

– Confidence

I would like to thank you for the great service I received from your company, you have been there for me in my time of need, every time I had a query or questions your response was very quick and you kept following up with my creditors and gave me feedback in time.

You made me feel special with your personal involvement to make sure that everything is in order.

I would recommend your service to anyone looking for financial freedom and stress less process.

Continue giving great service, I appreciate all you have done for me.

– Lerato

Ek wil weereens net se hoeveel ek jou as persoon met jou vriendelike, positiewe energieke en bemoedigende persoonlikheid geniet het. Soos jy weet het ek uit ‘n taamlike benarde situasie by jou aangekom nadat ‘n ander skuldberader my sake skeef laat loop het terwyl sy dit ‘hanteer’ het.

Jy kan seker sien hoe stressvol dit is om deur skuldeisers genadeloos bygedam te word. Ek wens dit nie vir my ergste vyand toe nie!

Jy het my van die eerste oomblik laat voel dat jy weet wat jy doen, dat jy omgee vir jou kliente en dat jy mens sal help om weer anderkant uit te kom. Dit het jy toe ook vir my gedoen en ek kan net se dat ek oneindig dankbaar is, meer as wat jy ooit sal besef en sal enige persoon wat hulp met skuldberading nodig het na jou toe aanbeveel! Ek is eintlik jammer ek kan nie so nou en dan met jou en jou opgeruimde persoonlikheid gesels nie.

Verder weet ek net dat ek nooit weer skuld sal aangaan nie. Dit was ‘n nagmerrie belewenis en het my siening oor skuld het heeltemal verander.

Alles van die beste vir jou en jou skuldberadings besigheid en mag jy net soveel en meer seen ontvang as wat jy vir ander beteken.

– Karen R

Thank you so much Tania,

To me, you are now like a sister, a friend, family. I did panic but your attitude and spirit have kept me going since I met you in 2009. On the 1st of January 2012, I lost my mother and this situation I couldn’t share it with anyone but you!!! You are just a young woman, but I pray that you flourish in every way. Everything you touch can be blessed and today I name you Blessed and may it also overflow to your family and your children will be blessed because of you.

– Zandile

I would like to thank Tania and her team for their outstanding service. Being on debt review is extremely frustrating but Tania has efficiently dealt with all the queries and mishaps and hiccups. I appreciate the speedy response whenever I have had any problems and the feedback and resolving of the problems. Thank you for your continued support and helping me through this difficult journey.

– RK

It has been a long difficult journey being on debt review. I was over-indebted but not in arrears and my original debt counsellor advised me to go on to debt review and told me not to worry your debts will be paid up in five years’ time.

However, this was not this case and I began to lose hope when I realised what I had let myself in for. When Tania called me and said she was taking over and explained the process I felt more reassured and immediately I could see the professional and caring way her team took over my account. I had numerous breakdowns after a certain creditor practically stalked me numerously with SMS’s and phone calls and Tania was the one to rush to my defence.

There were up’s and downs and changing of debit order amounts as well as celebrating the paid up accounts. As each account was paid up I began to realise this can be done and I can get out of debt review.

Through all the tears and laughter I have now come to the end of my journey of debt review.

Tania, thank you, this would not have been possible without you.

– Rosalind

Baie dankie vir julle puik diens Tania. Ek sal enige iemand wat in die knyp raak met graagte na julle toe verwys.

Dit was n lang pad om te stap maar elke oomblik die moeite werd.

– Marius H

Thanks you so much for everything Michelle, your perseverance was really reassuring. Thanks you so very much

– Kaylene

Thank you very much, you’ve been a God sent all these years, you’ve always provided a splendid service.

Thank you very much once again.

– Thabisile

I would like to express my appreciation towards Joyce who has been so patient and always ready to help me during my time under review. She was always available whenever I did not understand or whenever a creditor came threatening me, she was always there assisting me and for that I am grateful and would like to say keep up the great work.

– MJ

When I first spoke to Didi I told him that I was in debt and I wanted to clear my name so that I could buy a house. Finally, that is possible since I have been cleared through ARMANI I have no words to describe the joy I had when I checked my score and it 596 from zero thank you very much ARMANI group!

– Thando

Thank you so much for your efficient service. I really do appreciate it. You are extremely professional.

– Laura V

I have been under review for the past 4 years and was from the start guided and supported by Armani Debt Review Consultants. I would like to provide the following testimonial of my experience with Armani:

  1. Armani demonstrated an outstanding understanding and experience in the debt counselling field which put me at ease from the onset;
  2. Throughout the process, they provided me with sound advice and guidance especially when the stage was reached where the first account became settled in full. Their calculations of the redistribution of the monthly amount met with the approval of the debtors and saved me money on the outstanding interest amounts;
  3. Their assistance with obtaining the ‘paid up’ letters from the debtors resulted in a feeling of safety and finalisation on my side, and;
  4. As I have reached the completion of the final settlement agreement and received the relevant ‘clearance certificate’ from Armani, I would like to congratulate Tania Dekker and her staff on the excellent service they provided and would like to recommend them to any person in search of a trustworthy, effective and experienced consultant to assist in Debt review matters.

– Dr Botha

Ek wil net graag uit my hart dankie se vir die uiters goeie leiding en advies van jou en jou span rakende die hele proses.

Waardeer opreg.

– Andre

PHEW – What a fab feeling of relief that it’s all “done & dusted” & its all thanks to you – Thank you, Thank you.

– Pamela

Armani is an excellent company. I recommend Armani to anyone who needs help with a Debt solution. They helped me get out of what I felt was a hopeless financial position.

They respond very quickly to queries/questions and the responses are of a very high quality. All issues I raised with them were taken to a conclusion on the same day.

– Gerard

I went under debt review in 2012, the Armani Group took over the previous company I originally was a client of and through all queries, uncertainties, concerns, harassment, I may have encountered, the Armani Group handled with the most professional and legal “coverage” ever imaginable.

Totally professional and my interest as their client was always in the forefront.

Should you ever find yourself in the position of having to consider receiving help with your debt distribution I highly recommend the Armani Group.

With the calibre of the team at the Armani Group, you cannot go wrong

– Kathy

Weereens baie dankie vir als wat jullle vir ons beteken en gedoen het. Sonder julle hulp sou ons nooit kon uitkom waar ons is vandag. Ek sal julle enige tyd aanbeveel vir almal. Julle diens was nog net altyd die beste. Ek het nooit enige klagtes of slegte diens van enige personeel by julle gekry.

Baie dankie vir als.

– L & A Kriel

I am so grateful to you and your team, words cannot amount to how I feel inside. You guys assisted me to gain back my financial freedom and my confidence ….thank you guys soo much!, I know at times I would seem difficult to you Louise, thank you for your patience…..thank you, thank you, thank you! Please do unto others what you’ve done for me.

– N.N.

Baie dankie vir al julle hulp en die wonderlike diens wat julle my ouers gegee het. As ek ooit van iemand weet wat julle hulp nodig het sal ek julle met n oop hart kan aanbeveel.

– T.H.

Thank you so much for all your help and assistance over the past few years.

It has been a difficult time but with your guidance and assistance, we have managed.

– Dave & Fiona

Ek wil net he jy moet weet jy sal altyd ‘n plek in my hart he vir alles wat jy vir my gedoen het in my tyd van nood ek sal jou nooit vergeet nie.

– Adel L

Ek wil graag via Armani bedank wat my deur my debt Review tydperk gehelp het. Sonder hulle het alles donker gelyk en gelyk of ek alles gaan verloor. Tania was baie rustig en het my verseker alles gaan ok wees.

Ek het 25 Oktober 2013 begin met my Debt review en is vandag 16 Oktober 2017 amptelik vry van skuld. 4 jaar later en nou kan ek weer rustig slaap en weer asem haal sonder om oor skuld bekommerd te wees. Ek het by tye nie geweet hoe ek dit gaan betaal nie, veral nie in nou se dae wat werk skaars en geld nog skaarser is nie.

Ek sal my self nooit weer in so posisie plaas nie ek het beslis my les geleer.

Dankie Armani – ek is amptelik skuldvry!

– JK

I have just come off debt review with Armani. I must say they are very professional and discreet. Any queries I had was responded to almost immediately. There are a lot of big debt review companies out there but with Armani, they treat you like family.

– Mr Moodley

I would like to thank the Armani debt review for all there help in the 9 years to solve all my debt. Tania, you were always very helpful and all so pleasant to speak with about any problems. I am very grateful for all the assistance that they gave me. Thanking all Armani people enjoy the day.

– Mrs Smith

I just want to thank Tania Dekker from Armani Group for her help during my struggle while I was under debt review. I was previously at two other debt counselors, but they could not give me the necessary advise and service that Tania Dekker from Armani Group gave me.

I am glad that I was handed over from the previous debt counsellor to Tania Dekker and I want to thank her for everything that she has done for me. I am so glad that I am out of debt review after eight years and it feels so good.

I can personally recommend Tania Dekker from Armani Group to anyone that requires help in getting debt-free.

Thanks a million Tania.

– P.H.

Ek wil graag Tania bedank vir die uitstekende diens. Hulle hele span is werklik daar om n mens te help en by te staan deur die hele proses.Vir elkeen wat hier lees en wonder of jy moet of nie aansoek doen nie, doen dit met ‘n geruste hart. As jy reeds navorsing gedoen het oor skuldberading is jy klaar op die regte pad.Ek het dit gedoen en na my 3 jaar is ek klaar en moet se dit is lekker om klaar te wees MAAR moet bysê sonder so n wonderlike span sou ek dit nooit kon doen nie.Hulle werk n maandelikse bedrag uit wat jy kan bekostig en glo my jy kan dit bekostig.Nogmals baie dankie vir die wonderlike werk en bystand wat julle aan my verleen het.

– Corne

I just want to thank Armani Group for all their hard work and effort while I was with them. They have made my life so much easier and I will definitely recommend them to anyone that wants to go on debt counselling. I am very happy with their service. I am now DEBT FREE.

Thanks Tania Dekker for all your help highly appreciated.

– Desray

Thank you for dealing with my requests so efficiently and professionally. I wish I had been your client when I first went into debt review. The process can be scary in the beginning and need a counsellor who will put your mind at ease with how they handle your queries and treat you.

– Confidence

I would like to complement you on a job well done.

I was over-indebted all because of wrong decisions I made in life. I was a business owner and failed. I switched jobs to earn more money thinking it will be the answer, but instead it added to my lifestyle problem. I didn’t know which way to turn and had no idea what to do next. I ran out of financial resources, my financial reserves have dried up and found myself in a very difficult conundrum.

I spoke to a friend and he advised me to go on debt review. My house was about to be repossessed, my car and a various other judgments and doctors’ bills were like a dark cloud hanging over my life. I called Armani Debt Counselling and all my problems were solved. I was 5 years on debt review, and it has turned my life around. I had to adapt to a new lifestyle and it has taught me to think twice before I do something that I will regret. New disciplines were enforced in terms of minimising my cash expenditure.

It was a very tough journey and a bumpy road for the last 5 years. Today I am debt free all thanks to Armani Debt Counselling. Armani made my road very easy as they walked with me every step way.

The commitment, fast efficient response and friendliness have contributed a lot to my financial situations, as if it was not there.

Tania Dekker & Louise Bock thank you guys, you rock. You were the only two people I dealt with over the years, you’re so kind.

Keep up the good work and keep on making a difference in people’s lives, God will richly bless you in due time.

– S & R Fries

I owe you so much as I cannot imagine what my life would have been without your help. I just thank God that he sent me to you, and I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you again.

I was totally desperate when I met Tania. She immediately put me at ease and started working out a solution to my problem. Since then she has been a pillar of strength and guidance. It has been two years now and she is still my support. Any problem that occurs, she is just a phone call away and she attends to it immediately. Without her, I would not have coped.

– Ilise

If all the Debt Counsellors were so helpful, friendly, and professional as you, I will most definitely recommend debt review for any consumer who is over-indebted.

– WM