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A lot of people who begin the debt counselling process have later decided that they do not wish to go ahead. This might be because they did not realise the seriousness of the process and the restrictions it brings, or are not ready to make the necessary adjustments to their lifestyle. Others might have had their details prematurely captured after consulting with someone on the phone, without fully understanding what they were committing to. They may not have received regular communication and support at the start of the process and later, as a result, decided they want out. They may not even know who informed the NCR that they wanted to start debt review. Regardless of the cause, many consumers then head online to Facebook or Google and look for ways to get out of the process.

If you have spent a few minutes online searching for how to get out of debt review, you will almost immediately be exposed to all sorts of scams. If there is legitimate help out there, is it buried under a mountain of spam, scams and fraudsters.It is not uncommon for those seeking help to immediately be offered all sorts of unrealistic solutions, which all have one thing in common: eventually consumers are asked to pay upfront for the so-called service, i.e. a ┬Ěno questions asked” loan for those who are blacklisted or having the debt review flag removed from the credit bureaus.

Here are a few typical examples of what one may find online, taken from one Facebook group which has over 12,000 members. They range from mentions of debt review to immediate offers of fictitious loans. We have tried to leave the grammar as is:


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Due to poor financial education, many people think that blacklisting actually exists. It is so bad apparently, it is compared to the terror of being ‘on Debt review’. The good news is that it only takes 5 to 7 days to be scammed out of your deposit for a fake loan.


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Offers of fake loans without credit checks. using the names of well known credit providers or companies are comm on, as most people who want to have the credit bureau flag removed, are doing so with the foolish hope of getting new credit (which they probably can’t afford). Don’ t worry; this scammer will help you get deeper into debt by stealing the up -front fees they will demand.


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Please Note This is not Debt Review.

This one prides itself in specifically NOT being debt review, and was posted as a comment to someone asking how to have the debt review flat at the credit bureaus removed.


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These use my service comments, though not offering loans or some sort of debt review removal scam, are regularly posted on comments of those looking for assistance with removal of credit bureau flags.

Some even offer to enlarge your genitalia, get you winning lotto numbers or bring back lost loves (regardless how they may feel about you, your genitalia or financial wealth).


Have you ever searched for fund, Loans, financial assistance or need an accredited lender to help you meet up with your needs and demands? do you want to buy a Car or any other Property? have your bank turned you Down? Or are they delaying your plans with too much paper work? Have you been blacklisted? Cash Loans Up To Rl.000,000.00. Then you have no Alternative than to get an instant and reliable service from our loaning Agency. Cash a Personal Loans Up To R1,000,000.00 Within 24 Hours. Fast & Easy Online Application. @ 3% Interest Rates, duration of 1 to 20 Years (Maximum). No credit Review s! fo r your quick and easy loan application!

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This scammer has given his advert extra thought, notice the attention to detail i.e. the NCR CP number listed in the post – which cannot be found on the NCR’s database, by the way. They obviously think borrowing a million rand should involve less paperwork. They probably also think they can con you into paying upfront for a bogus loan that will never materialise.


Here is another common scam posting on this Facebook group that gets copy pasted into almost everyone’s question or request: consolidated my debts with Amazon Loan Company, I was looking for a debt consolidation loan for the past 4 months and I have applied with my bank NedBank but I was declined and all the financial institutions I went to I was also declined too because of my poor credit. Until a total stranger introduce me to Amazon loan. At first it look like a joke, I could not believe my eyes when they offered me a loan of R250,000.00 to consolidate all my debts. That didn’t end it, I directed a friend of mine about a month after and they also help her with R400,000.00 personal loan. If you are out there looking for a legitimate lender for any type of loan. I would advise you to contact Amazon loan. No credit check!. Blacklisted are welcome. Just get your loan secure at 5% interest rate and loan funds will be transferred into your account in less than 48 hours. Email: please Call\Whatsapp (+27)671466XXX OR (+27)210073XXX for more info PLEASE SHARE IT. YOU MIGHT JUST BE SAVING SOMEONE OUT THERE!!! kindly tell them = you were referred by MarK Nakanjani.

This scam may catch those who neglect to go an extra step and Google if the Amazon Loan Company is actually registered credit provider on the NCR’s database. ‘At first it may look like a joke’…but we soon realised it looked more like a scam than a joke.


It is not uncommon for a post by a consumer looking for genuine assistance to be spammed again and again by these scammers.

Occasionally other concerned consumers will try to make comments or a concerned Debt Counsellor may try to warn the original poster about the danger of scams, but these are quickly buried under a mountain of garbage, spammy posts offering fake loans and such.

At the same time, it is important to recognise that many of the people who on these groups have had poor experiences with debt review and may say things like these quoted below:

Comment: ‘why do u even wanna join debt review cos it’s bad’

Comment: ‘Open fraud case against counsellor: These counsellors are robbers.’

Although you may totally disagree with these comments, those who post them have strong negative feelings about the process or their personal experience of the process. It is sad to see how frequently such comments are made and this points to a real problem.


At present, there may be between 600 000 and perhaps 800 000 (according to one attorney’s estimation) people who are flagged as being under debt review, even though they are not actively in the process of paying off their debts.

Many of them have perhaps managed to pay off their debts or got a real handle on their financial situation, while others are just stuck in the vicious cred it cycle.

Soon 4% of South Africa’s credit users will be stuck with a Debt Review flag while not actively in debt review.

Sadly thousands of these consumers are now being scammed out of their hard earned money, while already in financial distress. This is digging them deeper into debt, robbing them of the hope of ever having an economically sound future.


Many Debt Counsellors take the time to try to inform the relevant authorities (e.g. the NCR) and the social media platforms where these scams are being perpetrated, in an effort to protect vulnerable consumers, but unfortunately there are little visible results. These day, s such scams are becoming increasingly common in all walks of life and vulnerable, gullible consumers are the hardest hit.

While concerned parties can bring these matters to the attention of the authorities, it is ultimately up to consumers who have been scammed, to open fraud cases or report such things to the NCR.

Where people hold themselves out to be registered with entities, like the NCR, these authorities have the power to bring charges against such individuals… if they can be found and caught.

Consumer education is an effective preventative tool to help protect consumers. Warnings can be shared with those currently in debt review, but especially with those who decide to leave the debt review process prematurely.

It is also vital that Debt Counsellors make a concerted effort to keep their new consumers well informed and up to date with their debt review (even on a daily basis at first). These steps will ensure that consumers end up talking to their Debt Counsellors, rather than scammers on the internet.