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How to Become a Debt Ninja – Ways to Slash Your Debt

So, you want to save money and slash your debt without feeling too much of a pinch yourself? Debt Free with Armani is here to help you transform into the debt ninja that you’ve always been destined to be! Here are some of our top tips…

Take a Fresh Look at Your Insurance Policies

You have probably had your car insurance and medical aid for many years now, which is why it might be the perfect time to start shopping around again. Since the time when your premiums were decided, countless other insurance providers have opened their doors, and your personal needs and/or risk profile may have also changed for the better. Knowing this, take action now and get your hands on as many new quotes as you possibly can and find out how much money you could be saving each and every month (money that can then be used to help pay off your debt!)

Make Use of Loyalty Programmes

The majority of the grocery stores in South Africa now offer their shoppers beneficial loyalty programmes. While signing up might sound like a bit of a hassle at first, the possible savings are well worth the effort! Once you have become a member of the loyalty programme, do your best to visit that grocery store exclusively in order to reap the most rewards.

Eat Out Strategically

Not just at restaurants where you know the items on the menu will be cheaper, but in terms of what you order, too. Say no to soft drinks and alcohol and stick to water instead. Avoid ordering any ‘extras’ with your meal and steer clear of dessert entirely. You’ll be extremely glad that you did when it’s time to pay the bill at the end of the evening!

Consolidate Your Credit Cards

If you own more than one credit card, and you owe money to creditors on them all, reduce stress and keep a close eye on your debt situation by making the choice to consolidate them. Choose the credit card with the lowest interest rate and transfer all that you owe onto that one in particular. Then, do yourself, and what’s left in your bank account a favour, and get rid of all the rest!

Get Help from a Debt Counsellor

Regaining control of your finances and obtaining financial freedom is a full-time job! If you feel that you could do with some extra guidance, especially when it comes to designing a realistic plan of action, it might be a good idea to get in touch with a debt counsellor. In doing so, both you and your creditors will feel a lot more at ease. A good debt counsellor will help to ensure that you don’t lose your assets and that the creditor doesn’t feel the need to embark on expensive legal action to get their money back!

For reliable, affordable debt counselling in South Africa, make the smart choice and get in touch with Debt Free with Armani. We’ll have you transformed into a remarkable debt ninja in no time at all!

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