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The Characteristics of Debt-Free People

When planning their lives, and dreaming about the future, nobody ever thinks about what it would be like to have to deal with debt. We imagine a cosy 3-bedroom house, being privileged enough to be able to journey to our dream job every morning, and coming home to the perfect family. Unfortunately, however, a large portion of South Africans will, in fact, be faced with debt problems at one point or another. But what about those who won’t? What makes them different? Below, we take a look at 5 unique characteristics that successful, debt-free people possess.

They Are Detail-Oriented

Debt-free people take note of the minuscule price difference that exists between the products on the shelves. They are well aware of every possible bank charge that they are paying. They know when a certain grocery store is having a special that will benefit them. They are constantly on the look-out for ways in which to save money because they know that, in this day and age, every cent counts.

They Are Patient

Just like those who are struggling with debt, debt-free people also lust after that leather lounge suite. The difference is that they will carefully consider the purchase before taking the plunge and making it. They will calculate whether or not they can afford it instead of absent-mindedly whipping out their credit card… and if they realise that they cannot, they will wait patiently until such a time that those circumstances have changed.

They Are Organised

They plan their grocery shopping trips, restaurant visits and entertainment well in advance in an effort to take advantage of available deals and to stick to their budget. They think long-term rather than short-term and they always know how much they should or shouldn’t be spending on a particular item.

They Are Responsible

They understand the difference between wants and needs and they always put the latter first. They pay their monthly bills before treating themselves to a manicure or a juicy steak (no matter how much they feel that they may need it at the time!). Most importantly, they are also well aware of the importance of saving money, which is why they place just as much emphasis on depositing a specific amount into their savings account/fixed deposit every month as they do on paying those bills!

They Are Self-Disciplined

People who are debt-free are able to resist the temptation of making an impulse buy or of spending money on something that isn’t completely necessary. They know how to say ‘no’ – even if it is to themselves, as well as how to explain their reasoning if it needs to be said to a loved one.

If you are struggling with debt problems, it’s never too late to find your feet again and change a few of your overzealous spending habits. You simply need a bit of helpful guidance in the form of professional debt counselling! Get in touch with Debt Free with Armani today and learn how you, too, can become debt-free in 5 easy steps.


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